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Pronouns: they / their / them

Since 2016, I've worked as an independent language professional (copywriter and content writer as well as content editor) and English to French translator for clients in Montréal and all over the world. For a more detailed breakdown of the services I offer my clients, please click here.

To situate myself in the ongoing colonization of North America, I am a settler of Breton, Italian, Irish-Québecois and Colombian heritage who was born and currently lives in Montréal / Tiohtiá:ke, the unceded territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation, traditionally the meeting ground between many nations.

I previously worked as a web developer and a programmer since 2010. Between 2012-2014, I co-founded and worked on the not-for-profit Kids Code Jeunesse here in Canada, where I taught children how to make websites and small web-based videogames. My work on Kids Code Jeunesse meant that I sometimes appeared in the media here in Canada. While I left the "Learn To Code" movement to focus on my university studies, I have still liked to work on the periphery of tech community groups, such as with the now-ended Mont Royal Games Society (MRGS) and the ongoing Game Curious Montréal. I still occasionally dabble in the odd programming project.

In 2016 I completed an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from Concordia University. I do not have any current plans for pursuing an MFA or another degree, though that can always change in the future.

Oh, and I was in a Minecraft documentary once!


Highlighting some of my recent work over the past few years. For a more complete resume, do get in touch.
  • history_edu

    Independent Copywriter, Editor & Translator

    2016 - present

    Independent professional content & copy editing in both French and English, as well as English to French translations. For a more detailed breakdown of the services I offer my clients, please click here.

    A Few Past Translation & Localization Projects
  • work

    Social & Strategy and Account Manager at One Stone Creative

    March 2018 - October 2018

    Creation and development of promotional marketing materials and social media content. Responsibilities also include scheduling of newsletters, blog posts, and social media content, as well as coordinating with clients and their guests regarding their marketing or social media needs.

  • school

    Graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelors in Creative Writing

    Fall 2016
  • videogame_asset

    Pixelles Game Design Incubator

    December 2013 - February 2014

    Between December 2013 and February 2014, I was one of the participants in the Pixelles 2 Game Design Incubator, a six-week game design and creation incubator put together by the organization Pixelles, in which each participant creates a complete game from scratch, which culminates in a vernissage in coordination with Festival Montréal Joue where each participant showcases their game.

  • laptop_chromebook

    Independent Web Designer

    2011 - 2019

    Creation and deployment of one-page dynamic, modern and clean portfolio websites for professionals and artists. Also designed and developped with Wordpress and Shopify.

    A Few Examples: Mike J. Horowitz, Leifur Halldór Ásgeirsson

Conferences & Speaking

March 4 2019
Speaker and panelist at the Québec première of Netizens, a documentary on cyberviolence, at Cinema Politica Concordia.
October 11 2017
Speaker at Ctrl-alt-GFV hosted by Groupe Féministe Vidéoludique at the Université de Montréal.
February 2016
Participant of the Take Care Jam on Preventing Cyberviolence hosted by the Atwater Library in Montréal and funded by Status of Women Canada in February 2016.
February 13 2015
Presenter and panelist at The Building Blocks of Life: A Minecraft Colloquium at Concordia University.
September 2013
Panelist and contributor to the Learning 2030 Conference at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario.


Past Projects

Curieu∙x∙se de Jeux
Game Curious


I was a member of the Game Curious collective in 2018, a QPIRG Concordia working group that ran a series of inclusive game-playing events for people interested in the ways in which games can be used to tackle topics dealing with anti-oppression and social justice.

  • On January 21, 2018: our event focused on games that deal with issues related to Immigration and Borders.
  • On January 28, 2018: Environmental Justice and Decolonization.
  • On February 4, 2018: Policing and Prisons.
  • On February 11, 2018: Feminism and Consent.
  • On February 14, 2018: Capitalism and the Workers' Struggle.

A full list of all the games showcased during our events is viewable here.

Eat Long and Prosper


A game built during the Pre-Critical Hit 2015 game jam February 28th 2015-March 1st 2015. A game put together by Jessica Blanchet, Milin Li, Marysa Antonakakis and myself. Built in less than 48 hours using a custom hand and Vulcan ear controller, a Makey Makey, coded in Processing.

Check out the game page's on

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