Midnight Sun Journal Entry, March 24 2022

Drinking Midnight Sun 2022 matcha on March 24 2022

I had the magical opportunity to drink this tea on the 24th of March 2022 at Cha Do Raku here in Montréal. I transcribe my initial first impression (in French) verbatim below, my more considered notes follow:

Parfum marin et profond, presque chthonien, un des meilleurs thés de ma vie — Shiho-san avait hâte que je le goûte — parfaitement velouté et doux, envoutant, et sans sacrifier la fraicheur

Before brewing, Shiho-san let me breathe in the smell of the matcha powder, and the smell was perfect. It smelled so green, so fresh, so marine, and with just a hint of an almost white-chocolatey softness. The matcha preparation was easy, the creation of a crema of soft foaminess at the top was easy, and the first sips were amazing. Marine umami velvety texture, without sacrificing any deep green freshness.

The matcha in the chawan next to my notebook at Cha Do Raku.

Very uplifting — I can see how drinking a tea like this would give one the energy to witness the sun never once setting in the Icelandic sky on the summer solstice.

Review: Unparalleled. Sublime.

I hope to drink something like it again some day soon.

The first time I ever drank Midnight Sun. Obsession confirmed.

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