This tea is a gyokuro from Uji, Japan, sourced from Cha Do Raku in late 2022.

Preparation Details: I prepared this tea for the first time on Jan 3, 2023, and deviated only slightly from Cha Do Raku’s preparation suggestions, per roughly 5 g per 90 mL of water in a shiboridashi:

  • 1st infusion: 50 degrees Celsius for 2,5 minutes
  • 2nd infusion: 60 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes

This gyokuro reminds me (inexplicably) of a really good late summer squash. A very round, umami taste with absolutely no bitterness and only the lightest [[ astringent ]]-bordering-on-fruity notes that linger after each sip.

A photo of my tea tray, featuring a little ceramic horse tea pet, a little ceramic cup in an earthy beige colour and of rough texture, and a white and beige speckled shiboridashi that can hold a little under 100mL of water. In this picture, the cover of the shiboridashi is tilted and propped on the side of the bottom, so that you can see the deep green leaves of the gyokuro after the first infusion.

The 2022 package of gyokuro from Cha Do Raku with the original preparation instructions for Gyokuro Chashin.

The seller’s instructions:

  • 7-10 grammes of tea per 90 mL of water
  • 1st infusion at 50 Celsius for 3 minutes
  • 2nd infusion at 70 Celsius for 1,5 minutes

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