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Looking to work with someone who is head over heels in love with literature and language?

My name is Gersande and I work independently as an editor, content writer, and English-French translator for the creative, knowledge-based and high technology sectors for clients in Montréal and around the world.

After graduating from Concordia University with a degree in Creative Writing in 2016, I began offering my advice to individuals, collectives, and organizations on writing and editing in English and French. On top of writing my own blog for over a decade, I advise my clients on their blogs and newsletters, as well as creating strategic social media content.

I also work from time to time with artists, community organizations, art galleries, and museums across Canada to advise them on the inclusiveness of their communications and programming.

What I Offer My Clients:

Translation & Localization

I assist individuals and teams small or large in all sorts of industries with their communications in both English and French.

Translation services

Content Writing & Editing

On top of creative writing and a lot of experience with marketing, I have a background in computer science, web design, feminism, as well as the medical issues faced by the queer and trans communities that is essential to ensure the clarity and accuracy of all sorts of texts.

Content writing and editing


I've been extremely online for a long time now, and I can share with my clients my expertise in navigating online spaces, as well as actionable feedback with their writing, their blogs, feminist and nonbinary-inclusive French writing strategies, among other consulting that I do.

Find out more about my consulting work

Working with Gersande is exceptionally easy and satisfactory; they took extra care of properly capturing the essence and sensibilities of our project. We are looking forward to working with Gersande in the future!

My clients:

BlueberryJams MTL
Camp Cosmos
Deconstructeam video game studio
Gute Fabrik video game studio
Pixelles Montréal
Social Impact Consulting or Conseil Impact Social
Wizard Zines by Julia Evans
World Wildlife Fund

Free Resources

A resource list for writing about nonbinary people in French
(French Only)

All sorts of resources for nonbinary francophones to see themselves reflected back in their own language.

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Three strategies for nonsexist writing
(French Only)

A quick introduction to non-sexist writing, through three different strategies : (1) la rédaction épicène, (2) la féminisation, & (3) la rédaction nonbinaire.

Read the article

Three perspectives on giving useful writerly feedback

Giving effective, coherent, and most of all actionable feedback on another person's writing is a skill that's not only essential for editors or writers, but for anyone who does any sort of writing in their lives.

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Latest Blog Posts:

To find out more about my life and projects, come check out my blog! On top of being a convenient spot to document my life in both English and in French, my blog is also a space for experimentation, introspection, and having fun!

4100 to 6000 unmarked child graves: truth and reconciliation after 7 years

In anticipation of Truth and Reconciliation Day, I read this week for the first time the book 21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Act: Helping Canadians Make Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples a Reality by Bob Joseph, published in 2018.

Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 2: Many Thoughts Adrift

In which Leif and Gersande react to the second episode of Rings of Power, "Adrift." We're talking orcs, Khazad-dûm, Dissa and Durin, lots of obscure Silmarilliony details about the Maiar (& the Sun and Moon!) as we revisit the timelines of the second and third ages, and more.

Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 1: Nothing Is Original In The Beginning

In podcast form, my partner Leif Halldór Ásgeirsson and I react to the new television series set in Tolkien's Legendarium. Together, we feel up to the task of assessing where Rings of Power soars as an adaptation, and where it might be falling rather short. (Transcript available!)

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