Yoshitsune Gyokuro

A velvety, mellon-y gyokuro from Ujitawara, Japan, that is absolutely delightful and well worth the detour. I really, really loved the fruity and marine notes in this one. I tend to associate gyokuro with spring or fall in my mind (it’s really just a personal association) but this one seems firmly summery in the best way. I even brewed it a little hotter than the instructions below suggest and it tolerates it super well! I wish I had enough on hand to try a preparation on ice, but it’s been too cold where I am. Ah well!

These were the suggested preparation notes:

  • 7-10 grams of tea per 90 mL
  • 1st infusion at 50 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes, 2nd at 70 Celsius for 1 and a half minutes.

Review: 5/5 teacups

Sourced from Cha Do Raku.

The inside of a travail gaiwan which has the bright green leaves of gyokuro after the first or second infusion.


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