2015 was an odd year

2015 was an odd year

This past year was a lot more tumultuous than hoped, and characterized by frustratingly long periods of stillness.

Last year I wrote a series of small essays at the end of the year and called the whole thing Roaches and Foie Gras. I probably thought the title was really clever or something, though it does have the distinction of being rather memorable. The little essays in the blog post touched on things I carried with me into 2015. I didn't realise how long (until today, until the day after tomorrow, until forever) I would be carrying these things with me. The biggest takeaway, I think, was a sort of realization that humans are destroying the earth and that I'm a pretty key player in that destruction by just existing.

I think, also, that last year I tried to write about beauty, trying to remember that in all the ugliness there is beauty, trying to get at some sort of resilience.

This year, instead of writing a bunch of small essays, I'm just going to summarize a little bit what happened in 2015 in the form of best tweets, a few lists, my favourite books and games. It's also odd, because to me it feels like an incredibly fallow and quiet year, but I sure did take a lot of photos.

Mostly, this is apparent on instagram.

On top of photography, I did do a little bit of writing and editing. One project that took off and that I'm very grateful for is the collaborative website The Treehouse, which is still small in scope but might be growing a little bit more this spring.

In August I travelled to a small farm in southern Nova Scotia run by the man who also runs the Harrison Lewis centre on the same farmland. It's breathtakingly beautiful. I did a bit of work on the farm in exchange for a few nights of room and board, as well as took some video and photography for the women's chainsaw workshop that they were running that weekend. It was a beautiful long weekend.

Here's a small breakdown of what else I was up to.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

Some of these were written before 2015.

Side note: I'm still anxiously awaiting for ghost to properly implement the really crucial search function. I did notice that since my switch from Wordpress to Ghost in late Sept 2014 a lot of my older posts have simply stopped being read.

What happened to my patreon in 2015?

In short: I got too depressed and anxious to maintain a patreon, let alone do any sort of artistic or critical work.

I am still not sure if I will be going back. I am currently looking into part time work as a programmer, (probably, but nothing is certain yet) outside of video games.

Best Tweets of 2015

Check out all this content production!!! Tweets chosen because they had thousands of "impressions" (number of times Tweet was "seen") or a relatively good percentage of "interactions" (clicks, RTs, follows, likes), and/or because I liked the tweet.

(Yes I know that's not technically my tweet but I am still proud!)

Further Reading

My "Best Of" 2015

(This is in no particular order and, of course, does not really represent a complete list. There are so many things that one reads and thinks about in a year—this is a tiny fraction of what I am capable of recalling in the moments I put the list down in writing.)

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