Blogrolls, like the webrings of old, are another relic of the early blogosphere. If you wanted to share links to blogs (and webcomics) that you checked up on every day or every week, you would maintain a blogroll (list of URLs) in the sidebar of your blog that people could check. (Source: Blogs Are Dead)

Art + BD (bandes dessinées)

  • — goatbunny is a POC non-binary artist who makes amazing illustrations and art, "like Sanrio, but angrier" (EN)
  • I was a long-time reader of Jul' Maroh's blog, which has been taken down very recently but I hope it's coming back! (FR)

Dance & Ballet


  • Misty's Internet: The Future Is Now as well as the CD-ROM Journal — "I'm especially fascinated by the period in the mid-90s when the availability of CD-ROM and new development tools meant that artists had the ability to create new forms of art that had never been possible before." (EN)
  • Interactive Storytelling by Emily Short — Interactive fiction & media, game design, game writing (EN)
  • by Squinky — Seems to be on hiatus but I hope it's coming back! (EN)
  • One More Castle — Absolutely fantastic writing at the intersection of academia, politics, and video game studies (EN)

Culture, Language & Literature

  • âpihtawikosisân by Chelsea Vowel — Chelsea is a public intellectual, writer, and educator whose work intersects language, gender, MĂ©tis self-determination, and resurgence (EN/Cree)
  • Eileen Mary Holowka — Writer, game dev, and PhD candidate whose thesis focuses on the intersection of endometriosis and social media (EN)
  • Kai Cheng Thom's Poetry — I've been reading and following this Tumblr since university, and even though I've long not had a Tumblr account, I've kept up with it via RSS — sublime! PS: Kai Cheng has another site here: (EN)
  • Kelly Black's Blog — Kelly Black is a settler writer, researcher, and historian based in Victoria, BC who writes (among other topics) about the history of the settler colonization of Canada. (EN)
  • Jas M Morgan — Toronto-based Cree-MĂ©tis-Saulteaux researcher, professor & art critic (EN)
  • L'oreille tendue by BenoĂ®t Melançon — A longrunning (since 2002) digital practice on all sorts of questions about language (FR)
  • Tolkien & illustration by Marie Bretagnolle — Thesis blog dedicated to the artists in Middle-Earth (EN/FR)


  • Julia Evans — blog of Julia's projects, experiments, and thoughtful programming questions — and zines! (EN)
  • Fragments by Wendy Liu — Reflexions on politics, literature, socialism and tech by a very prolific writer and coder (EN)

Personal Journals

The Substacks

  • sweater weather by Brandon Taylor — books, literature, and culture — his "mary crawford is a top" blew me away and I've been hanging on every word ever since (EN)
  • Nouvelles Intimes by MĂ©lodie Nelson et Natalia Wysocka — essays on desire and taboo subjects, notably sex work and the sex industry (FR)
  • leatherdyke dreams by monster femme — "sharing teases from a collection-in-progress about leather as culture & folklore of radical desire, consent & power." (EN)
  • WormBeauty by Becca Rose — "This is a little letter where I write about whatever cool nature shit I’ve learned about recently. I cannot stress enough that I do not have a scientific education; I just read a lot." (EN)

Last updated: 27/07/2023