Art + BD (bandes dessinées)

  • — goatbunny is a POC non-binary artist who makes amazing illustrations and art, "like Sanrio, but angrier" (EN)
  • I was a long-time reader of Jul' Maroh's blog, which has been taken down very recently but I hope it's coming back! (FR)

Dance & Ballet


  • Interactive Storytelling by Emily Short — Interactive fiction & media, game design, game writing (EN)
  • by Squinky — Seems to be on hiatus but I hope it's coming back! (EN)
  • One More Castle — Absolutely fantastic writing at the intersection of academia, politics, and video game studies (EN)

Culture, Language & Literature

  • âpihtawikosisân by Chelsea Vowel — Chelsea is a public intellectual, writer, and educator whose work intersects language, gender, Métis self-determination, and resurgence (EN/Cree)
  • Eileen Mary HolowkaWriter, game dev, and PhD candidate whose thesis focuses on the intersection of endometriosis and social media (EN)
  • Kai Cheng Thom's Poetry — I've been reading and following this Tumblr since university, and even though I've long not had a Tumblr account, I've kept up with it via RSS — sublime! PS: Kai Cheng has another site here: (EN)
  • Jas M Morgan — Toronto-based Cree-Métis-Saulteaux researcher, professor & art critic (EN)
  • L'oreille tendue by Benoît Melançon — A longrunning (since 2002) digital practice on all sorts of questions about language (FR)
  • Tolkien & illustration by Marie Bretagnolle — Thesis blog dedicated to the artists in Middle-Earth (EN/FR)


  • Julia Evans — blog of Julia's projects, experiments, and thoughtful programming questions — and zines! (EN)
  • Fragments by Wendy Liu — Reflexions on politics, literature, socialism and tech by a very prolific writer and coder (EN)

Personal Journals

The Substacks

  • sweater weather by Brandon Taylor — books, literature, and culture — his "mary crawford is a top" blew me away and I've been hanging on every word ever since (EN)
  • Nouvelles Intimes by Mélodie Nelson et Natalia Wysocka — essays on desire and taboo subjects, notably sex work and the sex industry (FR)
  • leatherdyke dreams by monster femme — "sharing teases from a collection-in-progress about leather as culture & folklore of radical desire, consent & power." (EN)
  • WormBeauty by Becca Rose "This is a little letter where I write about whatever cool nature shit I’ve learned about recently. I cannot stress enough that I do not have a scientific education; I just read a lot." (EN)

Last updated: 26/03/2023