Hark, a blogroll!

Need an RSS reader? I've been using NetNewsWire to follow RSS feeds since 2005. (Check out if you need something with a little more "oomf.")

Art, Culture & Literature

  • is a POC non-binary artist who makes amazing illustrations and art, "like Sanrio, but angrier"
  • Oliver L Porter is an award-winning former journalist who now works as an educator and blogs about his reading, tea, favourite games, and more
  • âpihtawikosisân by Chelsea Vowel, a public intellectual, writer, and educator whose work intersects language (Cree), gender, Métis self-determination, and resurgence
  • Eileen Mary Holowka is a writer, game dev, and creator of a thesis focuses on the intersection of endometriosis and social media
  • I am a long-time reader of Jul' Maroh's blog
  • leatherdyke dreams by monster femme: "sharing teases from a collection-in-progress about leather as culture & folklore of radical desire, consent & power"
  • I've been following Kai Cheng Thom's Poetry Tumblr since university, even though I've long not had a Tumblr account (thanks RSS!) PS: Kai Cheng has a site here:
  • Kelly Black is a settler writer, researcher, and historian based in Victoria, BC who writes (among other topics) about the history of the settler colonization of Canada
  • Biscuits de fortune — "un blog d’analyses et de recensions qui traite de sujets variés qui se concentre surtout sur la critique littéraire, le féminisme et les statistiques. Parfois, un peu d’humour."
  • Try Hard Mushroom — "I’m nobody special, nobody famous, and I’m certainly not regularly “influencing” anyone."
  • Jas M Morgan is a Toronto-based Cree-Métis-Saulteaux researcher, professor & art critic
  • L'oreille tendue by Benoît Melançon is a classic of the francophone blogosphere: a long-running (since 2002) digital practice on all sorts of questions about language and more
  • Tolkien & illustration by Marie Bretagnolle is a thesis blog dedicated to the artists working within Middle-Earth
  • speculative fish-ctions by Dr Zoe Todd
  • Nouvelles Intimes by Mélodie Nelson et Natalia Wysocka, a newsletter on desire and other taboo subjects, notably sex work and the sex industry
  • Maëlys McArdle, a blog at the intersection of the personal, trans rights advocacy, writing, and the technological, that's been around since 2003
  • It's Gunsmile, a personal blog that touches on writing, art, history, religion, and lifting heavy iron

Dance (Ballet) & Movement

  • Dare To Dance by Jessica, a dancer & blogger in London, UK
  • Grignotages on life and ballet by la souris
  • Dibs Barisic Sprem writes an unconventional fitness blog on mindset, motivation, and all sorts of knowledge to help support your fitness goals — Dibs also has a podcast to feast your ears on!
  • Skiglisse — "Le blogue d'un skieur du dimanche qui skie aussi le samedi... et parfois la semaine aussi!"

Tech & Games

  • Julia Evans maintains a long-running and very rich blog on her projects, experiments, and thoughtful programming questions — and zines!
  • narF voit le monde dans des lunettes hexagonales by narF — a Montréal-based game designer and streamer who also blogs about his life and books and movies as well.
  • Oh Hello Ana by Ana Rodrigues is a work of art of a personal blog that also touches on various topics about web design — highly recommend visiting to see a gorgeous site in action
  • Misty's Internet: The Future Is Now as well as the CD-ROM Journal — "I'm especially fascinated by the period in the mid-90s when the availability of CD-ROM and new development tools meant that artists had the ability to create new forms of art that had never been possible before."
  • Interactive Storytelling by Emily Short, a blog on interactive fiction & media, game design, game writing
  • seems to be on hiatus but I hope it's coming back!
  • One More Castle contains absolutely fantastic writing at the intersection of academia, politics, and video game studies
  • Montreuil-based Le carnet de Joachim is a blog about webdev and Joachim's various projects, including
  • Baldur Bjarnason's blog — "Web dev at the end of the world, from Hveragerði, Iceland"