Frequently Asked Questions

"Gersande" as a name is hard to pronounce. Can I use a nickname for you instead?

You can learn how to use my name! :D I have translated my name into the international phonetic alphabet just for you: ʒɛʁsãdə. En français, ça se prononce comme ça se voit. If the phonetic alphabet is not super helpful, my name breaks down more or less like this in North American english:

  • ger is pronounced like the beginning of jerry
  • san is pronounced like the word saw + an almost silent n sound
  • de is pronounced like a super short and understated duh

I want you to build me a website for free.

No. Just no.

Will Gersande run on my operating system?

Gersande will run all over it.

Who made your animated pixel logo of you smoking a pipe?

Many thanks to Anh Chi Bui for making this sprite of me for her game "Here Kitty Kitty" in winter/spring 2014.
Here is the logo that Anh Chi Bui made for me.

Who created the illustration you use on the front page of your blog?

This extraordinary illustration is the work of Ottawa-based artist and illustrator Krista Schmidt.

Screenshot of the blog illustration by Krista Schmidt.

Last edited: 2020/02/26.