My name is Gersande La Flèche (they/their/them), and I'm an aspiring writer who lives in Montréal (Tiohtiá:ke), Québec where I work as a consultant, content writer and translator — you can read more about me and the origins of this blog over here.

I now accept recurring monthly or annual donations from patrons directly through this website.

The vast majority of this blog will remain available to the public and to free subscribers. But becoming a member (subscriber) or patron (paid subscriber) of this website will get you:

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If you want to support this blog so that I can keep writing blog posts about what I'm reading and what I'm thinking about, so that I can keep producing the occasional vlog, so that I can devote the time I need to work on all my projects, you can support me monthly at 2 CAD a month or 20 CAD a year.

One-Time Tips (Ko-Fi)

If recurring support is not feasible, I also maintain a tip jar over on Ko-Fi and I greatly appreciate any and all support sent to me there!

Accountability & Paying It Forward

On top of supporting other artists and organizers, I also want to make sure that my work gives back to not only my own communities, but to the first communities who were here on the land I live on. Every December, I will calculate how much support I've received from my patrons throughout the year (including the one-time Ko-Fi donations) and donate 10% of that amount to mutual aid funds or grassroots organizations on the ground in Tiotiáh:ke/Montréal who do essential community work. I'll be transparent about this process here on my blog.

Are You Looking For My Photography?

As of June 2021, I have re-opened my Society6 store so that I can sell prints of my my photography as wall art, accessories, home decor, and other useful baubles. Click on the photo below to go check it out:

Gersande La Fleche’s Store | Society6
Shop Gersande La Fleche Society6 store featuring unique designs on various products across wall art, tech accessories, apparels, home decor and other unique lifestyle goods. Worldwide shipping available