Writing on June 12, 2024, from my apartment on the Plateau Mont-Royal (Montréal / Tiohtià:ke)

Summer started energetically! Leif and I returned from a wedding in southern Denmark to find Montréal’s lilac and magnolia trees in full bloom, which is one of my favourite little seasons in this city.

While I was in Denmark, I discovered that I got into the UQÀM kinésiologie programme I was applying for, which is a huge relief. I start classes in September, and I’m very excited to embark on that new adventure.

As of June, I am enrolled in the online Yoga For Athletes certification course given by to start elaborating my own stretching and yoga knowledge.

Movement-wise, I’ve been back in the ballet studio a minimum of twice a week. Though I’m eventually going to have to dial down the canicross training with Pippin because of the summer heat, we’re still tackling that training at a very relaxed pace. I’m also registered to run a half-marathon (21.1 km) in September and have embarked on a 14-week running programme (with room for a 2 week taper at the end). I haven’t ran an official race since I was a kid, so this is exciting. I think my right leg is doing a lot better, and I’m really excited to throw myself into this training.

I feel like I did not give myself enough time for reading or writing this May — nor even blogging — and that is definitely something I have to fix this June.

Objectives for 2024


A complete list of the books I'm currently reading (Mille feuilles)

7/12 books


Current project is Codename Sapphire

  • First part, draft of 8,817 words
  • Rewrite and expansion of first part:



The bar below is tracking minutes of technique classes throughout 2024, for a total of 100 * 60 minutes = 6 000 minutes.

1865 min

Trail running & canicross

I’m experimenting with setting a yearly trail and urban run km goal of 600 km total. At the moment, I’m counting distance run with Pippin as well. (Come follow me on Strava! I also sometimes share cute photos of Pip there!)

50.78 km

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' Now: as Sivers writes: how you would describe your life to a friend you haven't seen in a year? (If you're mostly here for updates about my puppy Pippin — I do not blame you! — he has his own Now page.)