Last updated 17 January 2024, from my apartment on the Plateau Mont-Royal (Montréal / Tiohtià:ke)

I place my fountain pen down to hold up my matcha[1] latte between both hands. Through the window, the snowbanks are glittering under the sunlight from a bright blue sky: I'm so relieved to see all this snow, after a depressingly green Yule and New Year. Whenever I can, I walk over to Parc Lafontaine[2] to run around on my cross country skis for a bit. Haven't had time to tackle Mont-Royal yet, but will get there soon!

This January, I've started to take biology classes at UQÀM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I always loved studying maths and physics, but I always avoided chemistry and biology whenever possible because memorization is always my weakness. My goal is to become a physiotherapist who works with people who have chronic pain but want to explore movement again. So getting comfortable with biology is the first step on a long journey: I've got to get it done!

Since the 18th of November 2023, my partner Leif and I have been very busy with raising out six-month old puppy Pippin. He's a wonderful ball of energy and taking care of him is a full-time job, even with two people! My hope is, that when Pippin is big and strong, I'll be able to do canine sports with him — I have my eye on skijoring[3], hunting, and agility in particular. But all wonderful adventures start with the basics (very amusing parallels here with my studying bio here): Leif, Pippin and I are all enrolled in teenage dog obedience classes with Ivy League Dogs. It's going so well, Pippin is a very motivated sponge who loves "working" — since while he's growing up, play and training is his "work"!

In my free time, I'm still slowly getting back into the swing of things with reading. I'm slowly but steadily working on The Other End of the Leash, Archaeology of Mind and a really enjoyable reread of When Species Meet. Relatedly, Mille feuilles has been completely funded by the community for 2024! Leif also continues to help me out with several technical aspects of running a Bookwyrm instance. So Mille feuilles is not just my instance, it reflects the caring spirit of a really cooperative bookish community.

Before concluding, a little note about ballet: I haven't been able to get back into the studio because I injured my right leg — why is it always my right leg!? — during an ice storm a few weeks ago. I'm well enough to ski in easy, flat conditions for a couple kilometres, but ballet is so demanding on the joints, so I'm waiting to recover more fully before getting back into the dance studio. I'm crossing my fingers that that happens well before the end of January!

  1. This matcha is from Uji, in the Kyoto region, it's delicious, I'm really enjoying it! ↩︎

  2. I sometimes share photos of my little ski adventures on Mastodon (and of course on Instagram, but in my ephemeral stories). ↩︎

  3. "Modern dog skijoring assists a cross-country skier. One to three dogs are commonly used. The skier provides power with skis and poles, and the dog adds additional power by running and pulling." (Source: Wikipédia) ↩︎

Some Objectives

Last updated 16 February 2024


A complete list of the books I'm currently reading is publicly available on Mille feuilles.

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Codename Sapphire: 8,817 words / 25,00 words (First Part, First Draft)



I'm feeling rather optimistic I can hit at least 100 hours of technique classes in 2024 despite my studies, Pippin, gundog training, and other shenanigans. (The bar below is tracking minutes, for a total of 100 * 60 minutes = 6 000.)


This page is inspired by Derek Sivers' Now. It's about what the blogger's life looks light right now: as Siver explains, how you would describe your life to a friend you haven't seen in a year?
If you're mostly here for updates about Pippin — I do not blame you! — my puppy also has his own Now page.