• The illustration on the homepage of this blog is the work of Ottawa-based artist and illustrator Krista Schmidt.
  • This blog and its French counterpart are self-hosted Ghost blogs, and runs the Soloist theme which is basically Solo with some little new bits, mostly to make it bilingual.
  • There are some bare-bones analytics on this blog, powered by Fathom, which is a service focused on GDPR compliance.
  • Ghost now has a patron/members-only comments system, but several years ago Leif helped me get set up with Isso comments which are hosted on my server which still works great so I'm keeping my comments open to all, not just subscribers.
  • A really, really essential part of the sysadmin wizardry on display on this webserver is the generous work of Leif, who has helped walk me through how to responsibly and safely maintain this 15+ years old self-hosted blog and website.
  • My blog has been ad-free since 2014, which means I don't get any passive income from my articles. Hosting and related costs only increase with time, and are now in the realm of several hundred dollars a year depending on visits and other factors. If you've ever found my blog fun or instructive, I accept small donations to offset those costs with a great deal of gratitude!
  • This blog is estimated to produce up to 30kg of carbon a year. In 2024, twenty trees were planted to offset it.
  • Unless otherwise noted somewhere on the page, all text, photography, doodles, and other "content" on this blog was created by Gersande La Flèche.