This blog uses a commenting solution based on posativ's isso (see the source code on GitHub). Here are some things that users leaving comments on my website should be aware of:

  • Commenters are given the option of leaving record(s) of either their email address or website as well as their name when leaving a comment;
  • My website is collecting IP addresses of commenters, which are stored securely on my server. That log of IP addresses is not shared with any third parties. I reserve the right to hold onto the IP addresses, names (and voluntarily shared email addresses) of commenters for whatever amount of time I deem necessary in case I need to share that information in the event of threats against my or my family's life.
  • In case of backup loss or some other technical error, the contents of comments could become lost forever. Commenters are encouraged to conserve copies of any long-form comments they leave on this site and might want to refer back to later.

I have full discretion to approve or disapprove any comment left on my blog.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples I find unacceptable:

  • spam / inappropriate propositions;
  • death threats;
  • rape threats;
  • comments that tell me or others to harm or kill themselves;
  • comments that are transphobic, ableist, homophobic, racist, sexist, fascist, anti-semitic, or oppressive towards myself or any other person or group;
  • concern trolling;
  • and tone policing.

As xkcd put it so well:

Source: xkcd comic 1357