Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 1: Nothing Is Original In The Beginning

Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 1: Nothing Is Original In The Beginning

Do you love reading The Silmarillion? Or have you always wanted to be the kind of person who loves to read The Silmarillion?

This might be the podcast for you.

In this cozy new podcast, my partner Leif Halldór Ásgeirsson and I react to the new Rings of Power series set in Tolkien's Legendarium. I'm passionate about fantasy and storytelling, and Leif's knowledge of the Silmarillion and English literature goes deep. Together, we feel up to the task of assessing where Rings of Power soars as an adaptation, and where it might be falling rather short.

Join us for the first episode, Nothing Is Original In The Beginning, where we discuss and compare our reactions to the series' first episode, Shadows of the Past. You'll find within the hottest takes about Galadriel's character arc, a lot of musing about how an adaptation of the First and Second Ages of Middle Earth is going to go, and an only slightly meandering discussion about a very thought-provoking series opener.

This podcast episode is only available to patrons (paid subscribers) of this blog. A transcript of the episode is available below. Remember that this episode does assume you have watched the first episode of Rings of Power and have a passing understanding of the world of the Lord of the Rings, as here be spoilers.

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