Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 2: Many Thoughts Adrift

Leif and Gersande Talk Tolkien, Ep 2: Many Thoughts Adrift

Do you love reading The Silmarillion? Have you always wanted to be the kind of person who loves to read The Silmarillion?

This might be the podcast for you!

In our cozy podcast together, Leif Halldór Ásgeirsson and I react to the new Rings of Power series set in Tolkien's Legendarium. I'm passionate about fantasy and storytelling, and Leif's knowledge of the Silmarillion as well as English and Icelandic literature goes deep. Together, we feel up to the task of assessing where Rings of Power soars as an adaptation, and where it might be falling rather short.

In the second installment of our podcast, we're reacting to the second episode of Rings of Power, "Adrift." We're talking orcs, Khazad-dûm, Princess Dissa and Prince Durin, and lots of obscure Silmarillion-y details about the Maiar (and the Sun and the Moon!) as we revisit the timelines of the second and third ages, and more.

This podcast episode is only available to patrons (paid subscribers) of this blog. A transcript of the episode was made available within a week of this posting (see below). Remember that this episode does assume you have watched Rings of Power episodes 1 and 2 and have a passing understanding of the world of the Lord of the Rings, as here be spoilers.

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