For My Patrons 🔒 : Meeting Maddox (Early Draft)

For My Patrons 🔒 : Meeting Maddox (Early Draft)
A watercolour painting of an overgrown alleyway I made in 2019 while I was daydreaming about these characters.

AN: For those of you who haven't encountered neopronouns or singular they pronouns in longform writing before, please note that the protagonist of this piece uses they pronouns.

This here, this was one of the big reasons Sol hadn’t wanted to live with their grandmothers when their dad had left the province for work back in May. To put it simply, these grannies were weird. Especially Mamé. Sol had managed to get out of participating in the grannies’ weirdness so far this summer, but it looked like this evening was the evening their luck ran out.

Gersande La Flèche

Gersande La Flèche they/them/their

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