For My Patrons 🔒 : Don't Touch My Wrists (Second Draft)

This March, I share with my patrons an attempt at a short piece of autofiction (fictionalized autobiography). My goals are to experiment with polyphony and scene transitions between overlapping memories.

For My Patrons 🔒 : Don't Touch My Wrists (Second Draft)

Please note that this excerpt comes with a minor content warning for needles (in the context of therapeutic settings). As always, read with care.

Please, please don’t touch my wrists. Please. Please.

I don’t actually recall if I say it quite in that manner. But I do start the way I always do, by way of explanation. With a smile and a chuckle that conveys exactly how crazy I am. But I’m the charming kind of crazy, with a wry, self-deprecating smile. The kind that is at least a little self-aware, and very apologetic: I know it’s unreasonable, even inconvenient.

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