You Are Cordially Invited to the Beta of My Writing Corner

While so much of writing is an often-relentless solo journey, there is no reason to go it alone without any backup!

You Are Cordially Invited to the Beta of My Writing Corner
A photo of a corner of my writing desk, featuring lots of tea and plants and odd knick knacks.

I have a super exciting project to share with all the amazing patrons of my blog: I'm starting a Discord Server for all of us called The Writing Corner.

Three Monday evenings a month, I'll open up The Writing Corner for us all to discuss writing, brainstorm writerly problems together, and plow through some of that writer's block! I wanted to create a space where we can share our struggles, questions, challenges, and especially victories when it comes to our writing and creative projects, without being overwhelmed by yet another asynchronous messaging system or social media inbox to check!

Writerly-inclined patrons are especially invited to join, but The Writing Corner is intended to be completely open to all my patrons, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a writer!

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