Exodus of feminist and diversity advocates from @gittip caused me to lose almost all my tips

As many of you know, I rely very much on @gittip and Patreon to supplement my income working various jobs.

Because of this : (trigger warnings) I Resent You, followed by (trigger warnings) this horrifying post on Hacker News, then this article called Why I’m ending my short experiment with Gittip, or: why we can’t have nice things, part 2,039 - and you can read all the details in depth here on Geek Feminism.

I used to get 9.25$US on gittip every week, which came to about 7.15 once I took away the change I “regift” to other users – as I state on my gittip profile : “I also pledge to donate a minimum of 20% of the tips sent my way to a variety of feminist, transgender and community building and development gittips, as well as my own npo Kids Code Jeunesse (http://gittip.com/kidscoding).”

That 7.15$US, monthly came to 28.6$US. With that money I paid my phone bill (and since I frequently have extra charges because my phone company is a dick, even having the bases covered gave me a bit of wiggle room so I didn’t have to worry.)

Now that money is mostly gone. I’m worried about gittip as a service, even though users like @duckinator have promised me that things will get better and that many are working hard to improve the service.

I’m still worried. A lot of users are mad. Whitacre has demonstrated repeatedly that he does not understand how to take criticism, and that he does not appreciate the dialogues that have arisen outside of his vew and seeks to control them.

I will continue using the service, because I can’t even pass up the few dollars sent my way.



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