Giant sculptures in a big field

On a trip to visit family in the USA, we went to visit Storm King Art Centre, which I'd been wanting to see for ages

Giant sculptures in a big field

On the first weekend of June I went to visit some family in the USA and we decided to spend some time along the Hudson River, in and around the Catskills and Ulster County. We stopped at Storm King Art Centre for a few hours, which I'd been wanting to see for ages — I really regretted not bringing my fancy Nikon with me, but oh well it's a heavy bit of gear to lug around, especially on short trips. We got lucky, because the rain that threatened to fall all weekend did not, and it made for some pretty dramatic photographs even on my old phone.

A photo of Five Swords, 1976, by Alexander Calder sitting in a green field.

A photo of a sculpture named Five Swords, created in 1976 by Alexander Calder. The sculpture, which is bright red and curved, is sitting in a green field dotted with small white clovers, under a grey cloudy sky. In the distance are some small mountains.

A photo of Gersande standing underneath the huge sculpture of the Three Legged Buddha by Zhang Huan.

A photo of myself standing underneath a huge sculpture by Zhang Huan, The Three Legged Buddha: "a copper and steel sculpture standing twenty-eight feet high and weighing more than twelve tons—represents the bottom half of a sprawling, three-legged figure, one of whose feet rests on an eight-foot-high human head that appears to be either emerging from or sinking into the earth." (Source)

Background: of a field in a valley, with three giant architectural sculptures by Mark di Suvero in the middle. Foreground: Me standing next to a tree.

A photo of a field in a valley, with several giant architectural sculptures reminiscient of cranes or oil wells by Mark di Suvero. I am also in the photo, looking awkward next to a pretty tree in the foreground.

Several colums at the top of a hill, surrounded by trees.

I rather like how these look. Classical, but also overgrown. (Also mildly reminiscent of Ayleid ruins from The Elder Scrolls IV.) Also — who knows what these are called? Could not for the life of me find the name.

A photo of me standing underneath Menashe Kadishman's Suspended. It's really weird but cool looking. Describing it is hard.

Oh, you know, just me doing my superman thing. "Viewed up close, the massive scale of the steel work becomes apparent and its structural viability even more difficult to comprehend. With no visible evidence of the engineering holding the sculpture up, Suspended prompts contemplation of the relationship between its two conjoined, towering masses, coupled with questions about what lies below ground." (Source)

My favourite sculpture, embedded in the landscape itself, a sculpture of wavy hills by Maya Lin.

Tied with Three Legged Buddha as my favourite sculpture I saw that weekend, Maya Lin's Wavefield is embedded in the landscape itself and superb. Terrain vague in a literal sense — terrain vague is a term for a vacant lot, or "wasteland" in French, but which literally translates to "ground wave".

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