Our first winter with Pippin, in photos

Photos of our first winter together!

Our first winter with Pippin, in photos
An early morning run on the 22nd of December, 2023. It was the first time Pippin was allowed off-leash in a woodsy, unfenced area and the first time Leif and I realized how fast Pippin could run, even through relatively dense and icy undergrowth. Beautiful to watch, if nerve-wracking in the moment because I quickly realised while taking this photo that I had not proofed his recall for this environment at all. (Photo also shared on Instagram)

I took thousands and thousands of pictures of Pip this winter. Some of them are so cute, they really deserve their own post, especially as puppyhood is such a fleeting whirlwind of a time, you barely register the cuteness until it's past. (I do recommend looking at this post from a larger screen than a smartphone, if you can!)

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 12, unfortunately the old adage "the best camera is the one you keep on you" keeps being all too true.
A brittany spaniel puppy wearing a green coat and standing in ankle-deep snow.
December 9 2023. Pippin was five months old in this photo and having a difficult time with snow getting in his doggy booties...
5 month old Brittany spaniel looks into the camera, snout covered in nose, and tongue sticking out.
December 22, 2023. Such a goof!

Snow-covered Gersande and Pippin sitting on a bench together, enjoying the snowy landscape.
January 7, 2024. Sitting on a bench together, Pippin and I take a break from trudging through deep snow. (This photo was also shared on Instagram)
Leif, Gersande, with Pippin between them, posing for a shoulders-up selfie in winter gear.
January 7, 2024. Leif tried to take a selfie with Pippin and I, sitting on a bench together, and Pippin decided it was time to start licking his face. (This photo was also shared on Instagram)
January 7, 2024. Leif took this photo with his own phone. I'm walking with Pip through woods on the Mont Royal, enjoying the snowfall.
January 27 2024. A selfie after walkies on the Mont Royal.
A red and white Brittany dog puppy offers a big smile into the camera, tongue sticking out the side of his mouth.
February 11 2024. Pippin was having a grand old time frolicking on the Mont Royal with Leif and I.
On the snowy forest floor, a red and white Brittany dog is pointing, right paw carefully curled, while he observes something on the forest floor.
13 February 2024. Pip is pointing at something I cannot see (or maybe just a really exciting stick?) while we went frolicking in the woods.

There were so many photos to choose from, but I hope this selection makes you smile. Let me know which photo, shared here or even on my Instagram, is your favourite!

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