Blog & Social Media Hiatus for November 2019

This November, I am planning to take a proper hiatus from my blog, as well as my Twitter & Facebook accounts (starting this weekend, so by November 2nd). I have not yet decided if I'll also be taking a hiatus from Instagram — but maybe I should? I will probably keep using Mastodon for the very specific purpose of microblogging about some small projects I have going on.  

Here are three goals for November (I always try to have only three goals at any given moment, otherwise shit gets crazy) while I'm not on social media or blogging:

  • I am (hopefully) going to be working less as I'm taking on fewer contracts this month. I worked my ass off in September and October, and as a result should be able to take it easier in November. So while I'm working less this November I want to take some time to make a roadmap and define some goals for my freelance work in 2020. (I did something similar last year, as chronicled here: Boundaries, Red Flags, and Juggling Projects).
  • Set up my photography print store for a soft December launch at I've been meaning to do this for the better part of the year, but it's hard to drum up the money and time to prepare many different photos, design & make prints, take photos of the prints, and then set up a website for it. Doing a soft launch of my print shop while I'm on a bit of a social media blackout will hopefully mean I have lots of time to get ready for December.
  • I want to work on my novel. The last time I got a chunk of novel writing done (a near-complete plot outline and the first four chapters and notes for chapters 6 and 7) was in May. May! Fuck time just slips through my fingers. I'm not going to do NaNoWriMo, but I am going to try my best to dedicate 2-3 days a week which are just for writing.

Much love to all of you for following me on this wonderfully windy All Saints' Day.

Gersande La Flèche

Gersande La Flèche

By day I am a writing coach & freelance English-French translator. By night (or rather by dawn because I'm an early bird) I scribble away at poetry, prose, and essays in one of my many notebooks.
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