The French version of 11:45 A Vivid Life is out!

A game I did the French localization for is finally available to the public in French. Check out 11:45 A Vivid Life from Deconstructeam!

The French version of 11:45 A Vivid Life is out!
A screenshot of a scene from the game's introduction: Laynie (main character) has grabbed a machine that she has attached to her car, and she says, "I could never go back to my normal life without doing what I need to do."

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Last fall, I was commissioned to translate into French the dialogue of 11:45 A Vivid Life by the indie studio Deconstructeam. This game of body and identity horror has beautifully minimalist and expressive pixel art, and a haunting tale.

Depending on player choice, the themes addressed by the game metamorphose: one branch of the narrative focuses on how trauma can cause intense depersonalization. Another veers straight into science fiction. Yet another branch explores how memory becomes embedded in our flesh and senses, and the somatic experiences that this creates.

It was a real pleasure to be able to work on this mysterious experiment, and I'm so happy to share with you all the result of my work with the newly released French version! If you have an extra fifteen minutes in your day, I recommend it! The game is free, too ;)

Content warning: This game contains images and descriptions of self-harm. Several lines of dialogue also refer to domestic violence, to war, and to PTSD. Play with care!
11.45 A Vivid Life by Deconstructeam
A short weird tale about a girl who discovered her skeleton isn’t hers.

Happy playing — and if you are a member of an independent studio that has plans to localize its games to French, let me know!

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